This past Thursday evening, Sara and I had a great opportunity to go hear a lecture at ISU in Ames by comics guru Scott McCloud. I read Scott’s book, Understanding Comics, during high school and later it was required reading in my sequential art classes at SCAD. The lecture incorporated some of the ideas I remember from that book, and some from his other books which I have yet to read, but are next on my list.

One segment of the lecture (culled, I’m sure, from Reinventing Comics) focused on the ways new media is changing how comics are both presented and read; how simply shoehorning a traditional comic page full of panels onto a computer screen doesn’t begin to take full advantage of what is possible. As he talked, I began thinking about my own plans for self-publishing Drendel online. On the ride home I told Sara all about what I have in mind – and began to feel a renewed sense of excitement and energy about making my plans a reality.


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